iftar time today in Karachi Pakistan 2020 – sehri time Karachi Pakistan today

Sehri time and Iftar time in Karachi Pakistan 2020

Iftar time in Pakistan 2020

iftar time today in Faisalabad

iftar time today in Hyderabad

iftar time today in Islamabad

iftar time today in Lahore

iftar time today in Rawalpindi

ramzan time table 2020 Delhi

1Sat04:41 AM06:01 AM12:30 PM05:06 PM06:59 PM08:20 PM
2Sun04:40 AM06:00 AM12:30 PM05:06 PM06:59 PM08:20 PM
3Mon04:39 AM05:59 AM12:30 PM05:07 PM07:00 PM08:21 PM
4Tue04:38 AM05:59 AM12:30 PM05:07 PM07:00 PM08:22 PM
5Wed04:37 AM05:58 AM12:30 PM05:07 PM07:01 PM08:22 PM
6Thu04:36 AM05:57 AM12:30 PM05:07 PM07:01 PM08:23 PM
7Fri04:35 AM05:56 AM12:29 PM05:07 PM07:02 PM08:24 PM
8Sat04:34 AM05:56 AM12:29 PM05:07 PM07:02 PM08:24 PM
9Sun04:33 AM05:55 AM12:29 PM05:07 PM07:03 PM08:25 PM
10Mon04:32 AM05:54 AM12:29 PM05:07 PM07:03 PM08:26 PM
11Tue04:32 AM05:53 AM12:29 PM05:07 PM07:04 PM08:27 PM
12Wed04:31 AM05:53 AM12:29 PM05:08 PM07:04 PM08:27 PM
13Thu04:30 AM05:52 AM12:29 PM05:08 PM07:05 PM08:28 PM
14Fri04:29 AM05:51 AM12:29 PM05:08 PM07:05 PM08:29 PM
15Sat04:28 AM05:51 AM12:29 PM05:08 PM07:06 PM08:29 PM
16Sun04:27 AM05:50 AM12:29 PM05:08 PM07:06 PM08:30 PM
17Mon04:26 AM05:50 AM12:29 PM05:08 PM07:07 PM08:31 PM
18Tue04:26 AM05:49 AM12:29 PM05:08 PM07:07 PM08:31 PM
19Wed04:25 AM05:49 AM12:29 PM05:09 PM07:08 PM08:32 PM
20Thu04:24 AM05:48 AM12:29 PM05:09 PM07:08 PM08:33 PM
21Fri04:24 AM05:47 AM12:29 PM05:09 PM07:09 PM08:34 PM
22Sat04:23 AM05:47 AM12:29 PM05:09 PM07:10 PM08:34 PM
23Sun04:22 AM05:47 AM12:29 PM05:09 PM07:10 PM08:35 PM
24Mon04:22 AM05:46 AM12:29 PM05:09 PM07:11 PM08:36 PM
25Tue04:21 AM05:46 AM12:29 PM05:10 PM07:11 PM08:36 PM
26Wed04:20 AM05:45 AM12:29 PM05:10 PM07:12 PM08:37 PM
27Thu04:20 AM05:45 AM12:29 PM05:10 PM07:12 PM08:38 PM
28Fri04:19 AM05:44 AM12:29 PM05:10 PM07:13 PM08:39 PM
29Sat04:19 AM05:44 AM12:29 PM05:10 PM07:13 PM08:39 PM
30Sun04:18 AM05:44 AM12:29 PM05:10 PM07:14 PM08:40 PM

Sehri time and Iftar time today in Karachi

it is Ramadan and you are in Karachi Pakistan and want to know the accurate Ramadan Roza timings, you are in the right why to finf it in our website. With iftar time in Karachi Pakistan, you can now start your fast in Karachi and break your fast according to iftar time and sehri time of Pakistan Karachi . So you can start now your ramadan 2020 with time table and get the accurate fast breaking iftar time and sehri time in 2020.

ramadan time table 2020 Karachi

Ramadan is the month of Muslims in the world. Muslims all over the world also Karachi Pakistan prepare for this month before he arrived . Ramadan iftar time today in advance is one of the most research in 2020 about ramadan in Pakistan Karachi. Muslims are prefer to find their calendar of their city’s Ramadan iftar time and sehri time . in your location of the Karachi city in Pakistan Ramadan time 2020 are confirme after the announcement of Ramadan moon.

 ramadan mubarak in Karachi

In this year of 2020 Ramadan Kareem Calendar is your plan to finish ramadan in Karachi, the month of Ramadan 2020 started on 24th of April which was on Friday. this Month of ramadan ended on 24th of May with the start of Eid ul Fitr on the next day. and allho aalam.

source : islamicfinder

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